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The outside world demands so much from us, right? Out of Our Minds (trademark pending) is a body-based self-care retreat series created for therapists, wellness professionals, and stressed out women. Out of Our Minds puts the breaks on overthinking and over-doing and allows you to intentionally disconnect from the external world so you can turn inward and reconnect with yourself. It is the re-set button that you have been wishing for. Through expressive movement, music, breathwork, and human connection, you will walk away feeling proud that you took the time to prioritize yourself, let lose, and let go. 

                                                 Retreats are located in CT and are half to full day.


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(including mini-retreats for sober folks, wellness professionals, and women.

** POST_PONED TO 2023**
 Mini-Retreat Date Announced for Therapists!
Sunday, December 18, 2022, 9am-12pm




Therapists, Register Here:)

Registration and Payment will appear once Terms and Conditions are Reviewed and Accepted 

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You Soooo Deserve This. Can't wait to see you!


"Thank you both - it was so nourishing for my mind and body."

"This is exactly what I needed and I didn't even know it." 

"The power and beauty of movement and breathwork for self-care." 

"Self-care is connecting with other care-givers. Thank you!"

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